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How I Will Save You Money Instead of Hiring Cheap Labor

Updated: Mar 22

Hi! Welcome to GottaGuy Services blog article. In this post, we will focus on the benefits value of How I Will Save You Money Instead of Hiring Cheap Labor

Let’s look at value vs. cost:

I run my business like a business. This means:

  • I have the tools and equipment appropriate for the job. I can complete it quickly and correctly.

  • I have insurance so your home and finances are protected from liability and mishaps

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.I am accountable for my work and want your review and approval before we determine it’s complete

  • Your phone calls and messages will be answered and returned. I want a long-term partnership with you

  • I keep and am on time for our appointments

  • You have peace of mind that I want the project completed just the way you do. I am passionately dedicated to your satisfaction.

Cheap labor Cons:

Here are the risks of taking the lowest bid or finding the cheapest price in town:

  • They often cannot afford the right tools and equipment and often improvise (or jimmy-rig) a repair. It may also take them a lot longer to fix your problem as a result. They may not have the cash-flow to pick up the necessary parts needed for a correct repair.

  • It’s most likely that they do not carry any insurance. You may be liable if they are injured on your property, or complete faulty work that damages or puts risk on to your property (see previous line).

  • They are more focused on the next job on the horizon, since they need to accumulate as much work as they can. Their priorities are different from yours- they are not very dedicated to fixing your problem, especially if it poses a problem for their next job.

  • Late or no show on appointments. A combination of bad habits, unreliable transportation, or squeezing in as much work as they can at other places, hampering your schedule and not respecting your time.

  • Unreliable communication. if you’ve paid them and then found a problem later on, it’s doubtful they will return your call or come back to fix the issue.

  • Constant worry and stress. You’ll constantly be wondering if they’ll show up on time, or at all - thereby having to worry about your work schedule again if you need to get yet more time off, not to mention any ugly surprises due to incompetent work.

I hope you enjoyed this article and understand the benefit of Value vs: Cost

GottaGuy Services Handyman Labor Cost and Value
Calculating Value vs: Cost

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