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Things to Look Out for When Caulking

Have you tried to DIY caulking before? The first time is the hardest!

So is the second. And the twenty second.

Handyman Caulking tips - Before and After by GottaGuy Services in Petaluma
Handyman Caulking tips - Before and After by GottaGuy Services in Petaluma

Here are things I have learned on the way, and that directly benefit my clients:

I am not crazy about caulk dissolvers. They take hours and add to the cleanup time on a job. My goal for the client is a swift, painless one-visit service.

Use a heat gun or blow dryer to thoroughly dry the area after cleaning. If this step is skipped, you will trap in moisture. As a result, mold will grow back again behind the caulk, (which is why you wanted to re-caulk in the first place).

Never be confident that you’ve covered the area fully when you run a bead. It doesn’t hurt to go over a second time as micro holes will work as a vacuum to draw in water and trap in moisture and mold will grow back as mentioned before, yada yada yada…

Clean as you go. It makes a laborious process less overwhelming as it gets dirty quick.

Have a lot of wet rags in a bucket of water handy. It makes mistakes easier to fix and working clean means working efficiently!

Isopropyl alcohol is your best friend. It cleans off hand

s and accidents as well as speedy the drying time where you’ve removed and cleaned out the old caulk. (You did remove it and bleach the area, right?)

Take your time - no one wins first place, but has more to lose if in a hurry.

Hope you enjoyed this article. Thanks for reading!

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