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Advice to Customers looking for home services:

  • Always check for references first!
    Then contact them to discuss your project and expectations. make sure you have a rate locked down, and see if they mark up materials and other services (such as disposal) that might be included in your project. Finally, make a note if they show up on time.


  • Before talking to a professional about your project, check examples of their past work, if there are any markups on materials and services, what the customer's schedule is and when the project needs to start (or end).   If using a contractor, or any plumbing/electrical/HVAC professional, verify that they are licensed and bonded first before going any further so that you and your property is protected. Home insurance will not cover worked performed by unlicensed workers in these trades.

Handyman Services and Pricing Guide:

Home Advisor: What you should know on pricing

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